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Inderpal Bhandari Chief Data Officer IBM

Inderpal Bhandari, Global Chief Data Officer, IBM Presenting at the IBM CDO Strategy Summit

  Hear IBM’s first CDO Dr. Inderpal Bhandari explain the data roadmap and strategy he has for the company. Learn about the importance of cognitive, monetization, data governance and more. This video was created on location at the IBM CDO Spring Summit 2016 in San Francisco. What’s your focus as a Chief Data Officer? View… Read more.

Chief Data Officers, meet Generation Z

Chief Data Officer, meet Generation Z

  As with every new generation, “Gen Z” will profoundly affect not only the world, but how companies must do business. Chief Data Officers, in particular, will want to take note of this new generation as they begin to grow up, because many of their attitudes and behavior toward data are shifting from that of… Read more.

Chief Data Officers / CDO Role:: Navigating a disruptive, data-intensive world

Chief Data Officers: Navigating a disruptive, data-intensive world

Data is ubiquitous; it underpins every transaction, operation and interaction within today’s organizations. Data needs to be governed, architected and analyzed. Data needs an infrastructure robust enough to offer security, yet agile enough to support a lively set of requirements. In today’s dynamic marketplace, organizations need to consider whether they can continue to compete effectively… Read more.

Governance versus innovation—and why that might not be the right battle

Governance versus innovation—and why that might not be the right battle

Information governance, the orchestration of people, process and technology that enables an organization to leverage data as an enterprise asset, or innovation? It’s a question that presents itself with considerable frequency for Chief Data Officers. Lately, I’ve been considering this binary outlook as it relates to the “data integrator” role that CDOs strive to fulfill… Read more.

Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit

Driving Innovation in the Cognitive Era – Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit Fall 2016

The Fall IBM Chief Data Officer Summit brought together more thought leaders than ever before, with over 130 Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, Chief Data Scientists and senior-level data executives convening to network, share experiences and discuss the latest technological developments. Tune in to this keynote presentation from Bob Picciano, Senior Vice President, Information… Read more.

Find your way through the CDO Maze

Find your way through the chief data officer maze

  Successfully navigating the role of chief data officer (CDO) can sometimes seem like hacking through an overgrown hedge maze—competing directions can leave you confused about what to do next. But with the help of three questions from the 2016 CDO study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, outlined in this infographic, a clear path… Read more.

CDOs Forming deep partnerships with the business: A two-way street

Forming deep partnerships with the business as CDO: A two-way street

  Those who have heard me present my data strategy recently know that I firmly believe one of the first actions any Chief Data Officer (CDO) must take within a company is form deep partnerships with the business. Fully understanding the direction of the business, its priorities, its goals, its monetization strategy, and how success will be… Read more.

The business of monetization

The business of monetization

  Monetization strategies are a frequent topic of conversation among chief data officers, and for good reason. Although making sure that a business complies with regulations is undoubtedly helpful, many CDOs want to push forward and promote revenue generation for their company. That suggests a very important question: What exactly do we mean when we… Read more.

4Es of Cognitive Computing

What CDOs need to know: The 4 E’s of cognitive computing

The future of cognitive computing is bright and Chief Data Officers have the chance to lead the way for their organizations. Not just a science-fiction dream, machines that are experts, expressive, educated, and evolving have the potential to create a stunning reality by driving meaningful market shifts. For CDOs who want to demonstrate their prowess… Read more.