Arnab Kundu

Arnab Kundu

Job Title: Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Company: Great West Life

Arnab is a 20 year executive who has developed strategies, instituted analytics, and executed transformations at insurance companies and banks across North America. Most recently, Arnab has focused my energy on instituting and enhancing the analytical capabilities of insurance companies across marketing & distribution, underwriting, and claims.

He is truly passionate about helping insurance organizations become the big data companies that they should be. It is not only a source of lasting competitive advantage for insurers but also a critical ingredient in providing good service and optimal care to customers.

Speaking at the following:

Confab Group 2C: Converting Colleagues into Data Consumers Through Internal Education

• Education as a catalyst for change – creating an enterprise-wide knowledge of data and analytics • Identifying the common obstacles to education on data and analytics projects, and the strategies to overcome them • Empowering colleagues to self-serve – What opportunities does self-service analytics offer, and how can they be realized?

11.30am - 12.15pm
Confab Group 1A: Blurred lines? Positioning the CDO office in the wider organization

• Given the emerging nature of the CDO role, what are the options for the reporting lines of the position? • How does a CDO’s reporting lines impact their effectiveness? • Are we seeing a convergence as to where CDOs should report, or do different organizational needs produce different optimal structures?