Eric Monteiro

Eric Monteiro

Job Title: Chief Analytics and Engineering Officer

Company: Sun Life Canada

Experienced Senior Executive with over 20 years of experience in driving bottom-line impact and addressing complex strategic issues, both as a corporate executive and as a management consultant.
Diverse industry and functional experience across Data-Driven Marketing, Telecom and Financial Services leading global functions as an executive and as a consultant.

Demonstrated track record of sustained impact as an executive (led strategy as well as growth, turnaround and stable functions), and as a consultant across revenue stimulation (15-25% revenue upside), cost cutting (10-15% savings) and customer experience programs (50% reduction in errors/complaints).

Passionate leader with a reputation for relentless focus on bottom-line impact and the ability to drive front-line change in large scale (>3,000 FTEs), distributed environments

Speaking at the following:

Confab Group 1C: Are you Sitting Comfortably? Telling Stories to Inspire Understanding

• Making data understandable for the uninitiated – explaining the power of data and analytics to those unfamiliar with it • Know your audience – Ensuring you are speaking the right language to the right person, and how to adapt your message to different audiences • How can you best use visualizations to help communicate… Read more.

11.45am - 12.30pm
Keynote Confab: Data Monetization – the Holy Grail for CDOs?

• Many CDOs aspire to generate revenue from their data, but what approach should data leaders follow to ensure they deliver financial value to the company? • What exactly do we mean when we talk about monetization – must it mean packaging your data for resale, or should the focus be on using data to… Read more.