Josh Kohrumel

Josh Kohrumel

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: Rady Children's Hospital

Health care technology leader with a broad background including leadership experience with applications, integration, information security, architecture, emerging technologies and infrastructure, as well as an educational background in Health Policy and Management. Very driven and devoted to leveraging technology and data to improve the quality of health care delivery by leading and contributing to operational excellence, high value process improvement efforts and implementations.

As Chief Data Officer, Josh is responsible for oversight of:
– Data Services (Database Administration, Reporting, Interfaces/Integration, Development and Web services)
– Business Applications (PeopleSoft, API, etc.)
– Information Security
– Project Services group (Information Management Division)
– Project Systems
– Testing Management
– Enterprise Architecture
– Emerging Technologies
– Financial Management (Information Management Division)

Significant initiatives include: Business Intelligence/Analytics, Mobile Health (mHealth) research and development, robotic telepresence, annual capital budget process improvement, contract management process improvement, emergency incident response process improvement, succession planning process improvement, intern program development, and electronic prescribing of controlled substances

Speaking at the following:

Confab Group 1C: Are you Sitting Comfortably? Telling Stories to Inspire Understanding

• Making data understandable for the uninitiated – explaining the power of data and analytics to those unfamiliar with it • Know your audience – Ensuring you are speaking the right language to the right person, and how to adapt your message to different audiences • How can you best use visualizations to help communicate… Read more.

2.45pm - 3.30pm
Confab Group 4A: Short-Term Wins Versus Long-Term Gains

• What should the balance be between the need for delivering ‘quick wins’ compared with pursuing more long-term objectives? • Setting realistic expectations – ensuring your peers recognise long-term goals of a comprehensive data strategy • What to do when the low hanging fruit runs out? Prioritizing future efforts

4.00pm - 4.45pm
Keynote Confab: Delivering on Innovation – How can you Demonstrate the Value of your Data Office and Have Meaningful Cognitive Impact Across Your Enterprise?

• Identifying the ideal mix of ‘offensive’ & ‘defensive’ measures a data leader must pursue in order to move beyond volume, velocity and variety to the fourth ‘V’; Value • Data as a source of innovation – utilizing your information to out-compete your opponents • Building partnerships to deliver impact – Ensuring tight linkage with… Read more.